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Post Tensioning

Fast, economic and innovative solutions for all types of structures using the many post tensioning systems and techniques available.

All projects are supported by the technical knowledge of our expert Reinforced Concrete Frame teams.

Advantages of Post Tensioning Concrete

1. Reduction in depth of slab. (common depth/span ratios of 1:40)
2. Reduction in depth of beams. (common depth/span ratio of 1:20)
3. Controlled cracking – beneficial in car parks.
4. Very economic and structurally efficient over 6m spans.
5. Flexibility in planning & design.
6. Deflection can be controlled and is reduced compared to reinforced concrete.
7. Smaller quantities of reinforcement required.
8. A pre-stressed structure is ‘pre-tested’ since a significant load is applied during post tensioning.

Your proposed design can also be reviewed to offer enhancements where possible to reduce time and cost.

Please contact Andy Parton, Business Development Director, at aparton@tamdown.com or telephone us on 01376 30856 to discuss your requirements.