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You operate under pressures and constraints every day, we understand that.

Get the reassurance of working with a specialist contaminated land remediation contractor. Know your requirements will be understood, delivered on time and to budget, in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.

The earlier the dialogue, the greater the benefit and potential cost savings that we can bring to you.


  • Housing Developers
  • Public Sectors
  • Commercial Developers
  • Industrial Sectors


‘We can highly recommend Tamdown as practical and skilled contractors in this field. They are flexible and proactive in identifying the most appropriate remediation techniques and are conscientious in meeting contract specifications’. Tamdown are fully aware of the high standards required for residential developers and we would have no hesitation in recommending Tamdown as a suitable contractor for important remediation projects’. Merebrook Consulting

We have recommended Tamdown to our clients on many occasions because of a number of reasons; 1) Pragmatic approach to determining the most economical solution, 2) Good technical approach, 3) Efficient working practices but always accommodating towards ensuring consultant’s needs are met and listened to, 4) Friendly approach, 5) Good availability and response to queries’. RSK


Contact Stefan Haylock our Environmental and Technical expert via e-mail at shaylock@tamdown.com or call us on 01376 320856 to discuss your requirements further.